Appetizer Do’s and Don’ts

If you are hosting an event that will be having a mingling portion or an event where people are continuously walking around before dinner time it is a great idea to have waiters walking around and serving appetizers. However, there are some things to consider when serving appetizers.


You don’t want to have appetizers that are too big. They should be able to be picked up and eaten with one hand if it is any bigger it becomes a hassle. Also, “finger foods” are the best choice for appetizers that will be carried around. Anything that needs a utensil to eat should be avoided for these types of appetizers.


You don’t want to have any appetizers that are too out there. Choose things that you know most people would like to eat. Below are some great options for easy small appetizers that can be carried on a tray by waiters and people would be able to easily pick up and eat them.


Mini Pear, Honey and Cheese


BLT Stuffed Tomatoes


Smoked Salmon Crisps


Caprese Pizza Bites

I hope that these ideas help you come up with appetizers that will be perfect for your event! if you have any ideas for more delicious appetizers please share below.


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