How Much Food Do I Need For My Party?

There is always an issue when it comes to trying to plan enough food for the amount of guest you are having at your party I have put together some suggestions on what serving size suggests for various food items.


Main Dishes

1.5 servings for each guest

Side Dishes

1.5 cups for each guest

Fruits and Vegetables

2 large platter for every 25 guests


(With a main course) 6 pieces per guest

(Without a main course) 12 pieces per guest

***For ideas on appetizers please refer to my previous post Appetizer Do’s and Don’ts.



1.5 cupcakes or 1.5 servings per each guest


3 medium size cookies per guest


Half a cup per guest

Ice Cream 1 cup per guest



2 gallons for every 25 guests


1.5 drinks per hour per guest

***If you are not serving any alcohol at all double the amount of non-alcoholic drinks per 25 guests. If you have any questions please ask them in the comments below.


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