Pet Peeves Of An Event Planner

This is part three of my pet peeves as an event planner. There are always those little things that drive anyone in their particular industry nuts and today I am going to share some of mine. To see my pervious posts you can find them here, part one and part two!

Participants Thinking They Can Do Whatever They Want

To lead into this section I will give a brief look at what I do. I plan career and networking events for students at a tier one university. What my main job is to plan the career fair each semester so these peeves are mainly regarding what participants do the day of the career fair.

Displays that are larger than allowed

In our registration is clearly states that participants wishing to come to the fair need to have displays that fit within their area which is about six feet wide. We state this in numerous emails, attachments and even in the registration form. We have had a few employers bring displays that are almost twice the allowed size. This becomes a big issue when we have sold all available space for our fair and have nowhere to move them. This becomes unfair to other surrounding employers especially when the display flows into their designated area and even more so when they also have a display. tradeshow

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Companies bring more people than they are allowed

At our fairs two reps are included into our fee and each additional rep is extra, this is to cover the charge of lunch for all the participants. However, this gets very tricky when one company who paid for the max representatives but then also brings three people on top of that. The reason this makes things difficult is because we are ordering such a large amount of food we have to do it in advance but we also pay for each meal so we only order maybe five extra lunches. So when the company expects lunches for all their reps it’s very hard to tell them that there is none because they didn’t pay for them.

We appreciate all the employers that come to our fair because they are making connections with our students that will hopefully lead to jobs and careers. If you have had similar issues and wonder how you should handle them feel free to ask below.


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