Outdoor Events, Did I Think of That?

There are many things to consider when planning an outdoor event. I included some things to think about in my post last week in regards to weather. However, there are more things to think about besides just the weather.

Serving Dinner

This aspect is a lot more difficult than initially anticipated. When having an indoor event it is easy because the food comes straight from the kitchen to be served to the guests. If you will be serving food outside be sure to hire a professional catering company that can either provided ways to keep food cold within ice bin or by using chafing dishes which allow for a flame to be underneath the food tray to keep them heated to avoid spoiling.

chafing_dishes(Photo Credit)


This is especially important if your event is occurring at night. If the venue you are at is used to outdoor events they may already have options for different lighting. There are a few ways you can light up your event. Tea lights and lanterns are very popular choices as well as strings or LED lights. These lighting sources can be hung from tree or structures around the venue as well as incorporated into any centerpieces on the tables to give the event a great ambiance.

lighting(Photo Credit)


This is a very big issue especially in the summer. No one wants their event to be ruined by pesky insects. There are two effective was to keep these bugs at bay. The first is a candle that has insect repellent in it. If you put these at each table it should keep them away while people are eating dinner. Also tiki torches can also help keep the bugs away from your event.

outdoor-lighting-00(Photo Credit)

By taking these aspects into consideration you should be able to have an amazing outdoor event. Please comment below on any other helpful tips on making outdoor events a success.



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