Viva Las Vegas!

I am switching it up a little bit because I have just gotten back up from a girls trip to Las Vegas and boy was it interesting logistics wise when trying to plan the whole thing. We have been planning this trip for three consecutive years now and I learn something new each time. This post is also meant for the group that is looking to party in Vegas.

The Girls

This changes almost every year and this year was the most interesting because we had girls adding up to 4 days before we were getting ready to fly down to Vegas. Now when choosing who you want to take a trip with for a long weekend make sure that you all get along or else there could be unnecessary fights that will make the trip a nightmare. Also, make sure that if there is a large group going that it may happen that not everyone

The Hotel

Thankfully there is always a core group of four girls that commit to the trip every year this makes at least booking a hotel easy. Since we have it the same weekend every year I am able to sign up for many different hotels email list and I get special deals sent to me on a weekly basis. We were very fortunate to find a deal at the MGM Grand for only $400 for the entire weekend so that the max we would need to pay for the room each was only $100. Also the MGM has a brand new club Hakkasan and in my opinion the best pool party around at Wet Republic. There are many other amazing hotels out there but most of them fall out of the budgets of people our age.


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What to do once you get there

Now this is where we messed up a little bit this year. With the EDM scene getting bigger and bigger every year, more world renown DJs are headlining all over the strip. We got in everywhere fine last year so we thought it would be the same this year too, but it definitely wasn’t. It seemed that more than ever people were flocking to the pool parties and when we relied on promoters to get in it didn’t go so well. This is where I will refer back to the amount of girls you bring, we had 9 girls which made it much more difficult to get in anywhere fast and free. We missed out on what would have been am amazing DJ to see, Calvin Harris, because we thought we would get in free instead of just spending the $35 on tickets. So the one thing I would stress is if there is something you want to do just get tickets, it makes it that much easier and a lot of times faster to get in.

Overall just have a good attitude and you should have a wonderful time! Good luck to all those trying to plan their next girls trip!!!! And if you need any advice on your trip to Vegas please ask!


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