The Importance Of Inventorying Items

I believe that inventorying items is one aspect of event planning that is constantly being avoided. These days I think that people would rather just buy new things than reusing what they currently already have. This happened to me when I was planning a career fair for the university I work for.

My mistake was that there had been a transition in the office from the previous year and with one person retiring not everyone was aware of this extra storage room that existed in a room down the hall.

Everyone had kept saying we have signs from previous years in a storage room but everyone that we would ask had no idea where this storage room was. When we finally found the room and all the items in storage we had realized how many times we had recreated signs that already existed and purchased extra supplies that we didn’t need.

Reasons Why Inventorying Is Smartinventory1

  1. Get a grasp on what items you already have
  2. Find things you weren’t aware you had (such as giveaway items)
  3. Know what supplies you do need to order
  4. Figure out how much storage space you have
  5. Know what items can be re-purposed into new decorations

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Applying Inventorying to Larger Events

My experience comes from much smaller events like networking receptions and career fairs. An area where inventorying is very important is those companies planning large corporate events when they may be supplying the decorations. Things such as centerpieces, vases, chair coverings and table cloths are items that may be used frequently. All of the aforementioned items can be reused or re-purposed.

vase(Photo Credit)

Reusing decorations isn’t just smart fiscally but also environmentally as well. By reusing items we decrease the amount of waste that we produce will managing events. Many things do go to waste after events why not try to save as many items as possible to reuse to help reduce the footprint we are leaving on the environment. Follow this LINK for some ideas on how to reuse vases. Also if you are more interested in possibly renting items for your event there are many companies that will rent out tents, tables, chairs, and even decorations one company is Special Events Rentals.

Please share how inventorying as helped the company you work for.


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