Team Building!


Recently my co-workers and I took a team retreat up to a cabin up at Donner Lake. I was in charge of organizing a team building/ice breaker activity for the group. I wanted to make sure that the activity would be fun and engaging but also make each group communicate and work as a team to accomplish the task. The activity we did was a golf ball exercise.

Golf Ball Exercise

Materials Needed:

  • Golf Balls
  • 12 straws
  • 18 inches of scotch tape

What to Do:

  • Each team gets 12 straws and 18 inches of tape and has ten minutes to build a contraption that will catch a golf ball dropped from about 10 feet in the air.
  • Each team has to designate someone to drop the ball and that person stands on a chair (we stood on some flights of stairs) to get ready to drop the ball. The rest of the team places the contraption on the floor and aligns it so the ball dropper can just let go and the ball will “theoretically” fall right into the contraption and hold the golf ball. Each group gets two attempts.
  • Whichever group gets the golf ball to go in and STAY I the contraption wins

We had three teams and each contraptions was quite different:

Team One

photo 3 (1)

Team Two

photo 2 (1)

Team Three

photo 4 (1)

The video above shows each of our groups two attempts. None of them were successful. However, we decided that we wanted to keep trying and after lowering the height at which we were to drop the ball team one’s contraption did successfully catch and hold the golf ball.

photo 1 (1)

If you have any other fun and engaging team building/ice breaker activities please share and comment below.


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