Who Is Ready For Those Summer Nights?

With summer quickly approaching it is the perfect time to consider summer time themed events. These themes would work great for small get togethers’ as well as corporate events. The key is making sure if you are adapting these themes for corporate events to class it up much more than would be needed if at a backyard BBQ.

Beach Themed

Beach themed event can be really classy but also very playful depending on the decorations and food being served at the event. In my previous post Creating Beach Themed Centerpieces I show two very different types of beach themed centerpieces one for a very elegant event and one for a more playful and colorful type of event.




Another easy way to tie in the beach theme would be in desserts. Below are two different options one being more elegant and the other being much more playful.


(Photo Credit)

Kid Cupcakes
(Photo Credit)

Finally the overall décor of your party is the main way to tie in the beach theme event. They main difference I see in an elegant theme and a more playful theme is the use of color. A more elegant beach party will stick to whites and light blues while a more playful party will incorporate bright summertime color such as red, yellow, green and pink.

 Bright Table    Table

                 (Photo Credit)                                          (Photo Credit)
American Themed

The summer is a great time to have American themed parties especially with the holidays that celebrate American such as Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. The first and most obvious step in an American themed party would to have the main colors be red, white and blue. Next would be the food and décor of the party and I am going to give some examples that some may have not seen before.

These Firecracker shots are a great party food for both adults and children. The recipe gives two versions one that contains alcohol and one that does not either way everyone at the party will rave about how festive the Jell-O is.

jello(Photo Credit)

Next are lovely refreshing drinks. These drinks are made by freezing fruit into an ice tray. Once they dissolve in the drink it gives the beverage a nice refreshing fruit flavor. Just like the Jell-O shots you can make both adult and kiddy versions of this.

drink(Photo Credit)

The hardest part I believe in having an American themed party is the decorations. This becomes difficult because making this theme look upscale and elegant and become more difficult than other themes. However, I found two great ideas for this theme. The first is making a star cutout and using sifted flour to create a star pattern on the lawn leading up to the event venue. The next is having a very elegant looking table setting. The one I like the most is pictured below.

star(Photo Credit)

table flag(Photo Credit)

If you are looking for any different ideas Pinterest is a great tool to find many different types of decorations and food ideas. Please share any other ideas you have for these themes in the comment section or if there are any other theme ideas you would like me to write about please let me know.


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