Helpful Tips for Event Planners

There are many things that can cause stress and chaos before/during/after an event. Below are some helpful tips to keep things on the right track and help reduce the amount of stress that comes along with planning events. I also have another post about success factor for events HERE. below are more simple tips that can be extremely helpful.

Arrive early to the venue

By arriving early, this will help avoid potential problems that come up minutes before guests arrive. These issues can be that things aren’t set up right or something has gone wrong with catering. Arriving early will eliminate many small issues that arise.

Supply Kit

This can include many items such as pens, markers, tape etc. one easy option is using a fish tackle box is an easy way to organize any small items. Other good items to put in this kit would be a sewing kit, box cutter, and also batteries.

181534_ts(Photo Credit)

Back Up Plan

Have a backup plan for everything. Even if you are positive everything will go as planned just be prepared for anything to go wrong. By having a backup plan ready when something does go wrong it will help avoid anytime of stress that may occur.

There are many more little tips to help make events run smoothly you can find some RIGHT HERE. Please leave any other tips you think are important below.



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