Creating Beach Themed Centerpieces


There are many things that people think about when planning events such as the venue and entertainment however centerpieces cannot be overlooked. The video above is a step by step tutorial on how to make the centerpieces pictured below.





  1. Fill vases with river rocks
  2. Add seashells to each vase, make sure to use a variation of shells and to not add too many this will cause it to look busy
  3. Add water, make the water have varying height between vases as well
  4. Add floating candle and light





  1. Fill bottles with sand
  2. Rip small colorful paper and add a little message incase guests want to read it and insert into the largest bottle
  3. Place in cute arrangement
  4. Add seashells or sand around bottles

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial on how to make beach themed centerpieces. Please comment below with any questions or other requests for different tutorials.


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