Let’s Get Up and Dance

Music is a crucial part of any event. There are a few things to consider when picking any music for any type of event you are having.

Personal vs Professional Event

If it is a professional event, be sure that there is no profanity in any of the song lyrics that are played this can lead the guests to feel uncomfortable in a professional situation.

At a personal event it depends on who is attending in deciding if any foul language in music is acceptable I would lean toward the side of caution in this area and to not have anything that is too foul.

Type of Music

This will be harder to decide based on who will be attending the event.

Some artists that should be a pretty safe bet regardless of who is attending would be the following:

In general anything with a positive vibe and a great sound works. Below is one of my favorite songs to here and dance to at any event. Please comment with any song you like to rock out to at events.


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