Using Pinterest as an Event Planner

Pinterest is a great tool that all event planner should utilize. Some may think that using Pinterest is stealing other people’s ideas but I look at it in a different way.


I use Pinterest as an inspiration tool to help me come up with fun and new ideas for the event I am planning. I especially use Pinterest when I am trying to think of new centerpieces. I will enter into the search bar just a generic search term like “centerpieces” the screen shot below is what showed up when I search that keyword.

Centerpeices(Photo Credit)

Just looking at these few images it gave me ideas for different types of vases to use that I may have never considered. Also seeing the fruit in the clear vases sounds like a fun cute spring idea and I actually used one of those pins for my previous blog about a spring themed event.

Market Your Brand

Below are pictures I took of some centerpiece ideas that I created to showcase how quick and easy it is to glace at other people’s work and mold it into your own wonderful idea. Then, after creating your own work “Pin” it to any relevant categories on Pinterest with key words to pull people in. Then as soon as your “Pin” starts to circulate it will pull people into your blog or website and start to gain your brand more recognition.

image2        image


Also Pinterest is just a fun tool to use in your everyday life. I know it definitely helps bring out my more creative side. Please share the experiences you have had using Pinterest.


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