Pet Peeves of an Event Planner

There are a few things that every event planner has experienced at some point in their career that has absolutely driven them crazy! This is my second post about some of the pet peeves I have experienced while planning events. Check out my first pet peeves post where I talked about late RSVP’s and seating Charts.

Attendees That Don’t Read!

Registration Forms

Many of the events I plan require participants to register online for the event. Many times I find that these participants fill out the registration form without actually reading any of the information. They just read and fill out the boxes that require their information and completely ignore everything else, including the disclaimers. Then when they come back and try to cancel and want a refund but we charge them a fee they freak out even though they click the “I understand all the terms and conditions” box which clearly stated the cancellation fee.

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I have planned events where the main form of communication I have with the participants is via email. Almost every time without fail I will have participants email me asking about many of the details that were included in the emails I have sent them. These emails usually have the important information including shipping directions for materials as well as parking codes. However, I always get emails a few days or even the day of the event asking these exact same details.


Directional SignageCorrex_Signs21

Every time I have an event that requires participants to navigate through a building they may be unfamiliar with I always put up directional signage everywhere throughout the building to make sure they do not get lost. However, I always get the participants when they come to check in explaining how they got lost and that I should put up more signs on how to get to where the event is being held. If they had just opened there eyes they would have seen signs explaining where to go at every entrance, elevator and set of stairs in the building, but I’ll be sure to put up more signs next time.

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Almost everything I have mentioned could be avoided just by the attendees reading everything that I send them. So if you are going to be a participant at any event just be sure to read all the information before getting angry with the event planner please.



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