To Be or Not to Be an Event Planner

Before I ever got into college I was pretty sure that I was going into the accounting field but boy did things end up changing for me.

High School

In high school I was a part of a class called leadership. In this class we planned all the homecoming weeks during the year. This class was also entirely run by students. The first time I was in charge of a big event was when I planned a nickelodeon themed assembly. This was one of the most popular homecoming assemblies we had when I was in high school. We had a bunch of different mini games shows and my favorite was a play off of the show “Slime Time Live” this took a lot of planning especially when it came to making slime and doing this in a way where we didn’t make out gymnasium a mess.


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Even after planning many events like this in high school upon entering college I was still pretty sure I wanted to be an accountant.


I started college and couldn’t wait to finish all my major pre-requisites my freshman year so I could jump right into my accounting courses. I was so eager in fact that I wanted to start them so fast I decided to take them during summer school. Once I started my upper division courses I joined the accounting society on campus Beta Alpha Psi. Once I became a full member of the society I decided it would help my accounting career to run for a VP position. I was first going to run for VP of Membership however another person wanted that position and no one had wanted to run for the VP of Professional Events position which was in charge of planning the annual recruiting event as well as the spring banquet. After planning those events I started to realize that I really enjoyed event planning. However, I still thought accounting would be a better rout.

Tax Season 2013

I was in my final semester as an undergrad and I was also working at a local accounting firm. This is when I officially knew that I no longer wanted to be an accountant. I could not handle 10 hours a day staring at a computer screen entering numbers into tax program all day. However, I didn’t know I wanted to be an event planner at this point. I still considered becoming a CPA so I decided to apply for the MBA program. Once I was accepted I became increasingly nervous for the upcoming tax season and getting my MBA at the same time. That’s when the best thing that could have happened opened opportunities.


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Career Events Coordinator

I received an email one day saying that the University of Nevada was looking for a graduate assistant to plan the career fairs on campus. Not only did it have the hours I was looking for it also had a decreased tuition attachment to it. So I applied and it was the best choice I ever made. Because of this job I knew that I wanted to plan events for a living. So this job went from being good hours and good pay to I can’t wait to go to work and start planning events!

If it wasn’t for that email I may have never realized what I was truly passionate about and for that I will be forever grateful to the university. Please comment saying how you got into event planning.


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