Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

One very important thing when running an event is thanking those that helped make it a success. Some people can include:

  •          Guest Speakers
  •          Volunteers
  •          Participants
  •          Planning Team
  •          Sponsors
  •          Donation Sponsors

Thanking these people is very important because when someone is thanked for their time and effort that they contributed to the event they are more likely to help you with any future events you may have.

There are many different ways you can thank people for their efforts:

Thank You Cards

Thanks you cards are a simple way to quickly thank someone for the help they provided for your event. Try to make the thank you cards personalized if possible, this would be for the volunteers and those thank you’s for those on the planning team. More generic thank you’s can be given to the participants.


(Photo Credit)

Goodie Bags

I have used goodie bags for the career fairs I have planned. They were a great way to thank the employers for coming to our campus to recruit the students from the university. Goodie bags can also be given to the guests attending the event as well. Certain things we included in our bags were:



  •          Bottle of Water
  •          Granola Bar
  •          Pens
  •          Post-it Notes
  •         ChocoRocks



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There are many other things that can go into goodie bags. If it is a corporate event swag from that company can be included. Also having items that relate to the theme are great additions. If there are sponsors for the event using swag from their companies would be a great thing to include as well. A great place to order costume company swag is The Icebox.

Special Gifts

These should be reserved for specific people that contributed a great deal to the event. Many times a special gift will be given to the guest speaker especially if they volunteered their time to speak at your event. Gifts have also be given to those being recognized for certain accomplishments within the company. Some gifts could include:

  •          Plaques
  •          Gift Cards
  •          Event Swag
  •          Bottle of Wine

Anytime you give a special gift for someone who helped with the event make sure it is appropriate not only for the person you are giving it to but also the event you are hosting. Some other great ideas for gifts for guest speakers can be found here.

gift-ideas-for-public-speaker(Photo Credit)

Once you decide what type of thank you, you want to give make sure to do it promptly. If you have any awesome ideas that you have used for thank you’s please share!


One thought on “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

  1. I like your point about thank you notes. I think they go a long way. Do you recommend personalized notes or generic notes? Any suggestions about where I can get good, inexpensive notes?

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