Lights! Camera! Photographers!

Having photographers at an event is one aspect that is sometimes overlooked when planning an event. Some think that having a photographer is an unnecessary expense that they could do without. Today I am going to tell you why you need a photographer at your events.

images(Photo Credit)


The reason that all events should have photographers is because it is a great way to advertise your event in the future. If the event you are hosting is one that happens every year it is great to have pictures from past events on your websites as well as the invitation for the next event. Photographing an event is also very beneficial to the event planner because it gives them an opportunity to showcase their work to future clients.


If the event planner has worked with previous photographers then they can recommend someone to you or if you are just searching for one gig masters has a great feature to search for photographers in your area. Make sure when selecting a photographer that they have experience photographing the type of event you are hosting. Photographing a wedding is much different than photographing a corporate event.


There are many things that you can take pictures of but I have compiled a list of things that should definitely be photographed.

  •          Table Settings
  •          Gifts
  •          Silent Auction Items
  •          Guests
  •          Guest Speakers
  •          Any Entertainment
  •          Sponsorships

By getting images of all these things you will be able to use those photos to your advantage by bringing awareness to your company or product and what you are doing out in the business community. I also came across a wonderful article 5 Event Photography Tips from an Event Planner that has some great insight for photographers. If you would like to recommend any amazing photographers in your area please comment below.


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