The Pet Peeves of an Event Planner

There are a few things that every event planner has experienced at some point in their career that has absolutely driven them crazy! Today I am going to talk about the pet peeves that are surrounding the guests that are attending the event.

Late RSVP’s

This is by far the worst when it comes to planning an event! Event planners set deadlines for a reason; we need at least one to two weeks to arrange tables and seating arrangements. When guests and participants either forget to RSVP or are trying to RSVP the day before the event it’s very frustrating! We rely on the number of RSVP’s to do many things including: Have just the right amount of tables so the room looks full and that there are NO empty tables. We also need to be able to order enough meals for everyone attending. It comes down to a point where someone is trying to RSVP and I just have had to tell them I’m sorry we can no longer add anymore guests to the event we are at capacity. However, what I would really like to say is, “Well maybe if you had RSVP’d in time we wouldn’t need to be having this conversation!” Although there are always those few exceptions that if they call before 3 hours before an event I have needed to find space for them.


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Creating a Seating Chart

This aspect is where guests get way too demanding. I have planned many events that require both table and seating arrangements. I wish I could just go down a list of when people RSVP and put them at the best tables, going with the first come first serve mantra. However this isn’t very fathomable. If there are guest speakers or people who are being honored at an event they always need to be in the front row near the stage. Then if any of those people have guests they need to be seated with them as well. One thing I have always had to keep in the back of my mind is if certain people or certain companies don’t get along that you can’t have them sitting next to one another. When it comes down to the people that are not as important and they become dissatisfied with where they are sitting I get the very strong urge to just say “grow up and deal with it!” However, we usually always end up putting people where they want so everyone is happy.


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I think all event planners just wish that guests would follow deadlines and be ok with wherever they are seated, but hey we can’t get everything we want. Thank you for reading my rant on these pet peeves. I will be writing more posts just like this so be sure to come back and read those too! Please leave a comment sharing some of your biggest pet peeves as an event planner.


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