Let’s All Gather Around the Table

Table decoration and arrangement may be something that some people do not think is that important or that it will be easy to put together. However, some may be surprised that if not done correctly it can change the entire atmosphere of your event.

Size and Shape

Determining the size of the tables for your event can be tricky. First you need to decide how many people you want to have sitting at each table. Most tables that venues provide are 72” round tables which can comfortably fit 8 people. However, you do not have to go with round tables you can go with square, rectangle, oval or even a triangular shaped tables which all fit a varying amount of guest at each. Below are some helpful sizing diagrams from Paul Grothouse showing round and rectangular tables and how many comfortably can sit at each.



Most venues will provide you with a generic white tablecloth that will fit over the tables they are providing. In my personal taste I do not like white tablecloths because whenever someone spills their food or drink you can immediately see and it just looks dirty. I also love the idea of a textured tablecloth like the one pictured below from MD Décor Chair Covers. In the end it all comes down to what is within your budget and white tablecloths are usually always included in the venue price quoted with the tables.



This follows the same idea as the tablecloths, every venue usually has chairs that may be nice or may not be so nice to accompany the tables for your event. If the chairs look nice you can choose not to cover them, but if they are not too visually appeasing you can put any type of chair covering over them.

chair cover

(Photo Credit)


This in my opinion is what can make or break whether or not people will enjoy sitting at the table. What I have found most irritating from attending different events is that the centerpiece is so large I can only talk to the people directly next to me because I can’t see around the centerpiece to speak to the rest of the table. If you want to have a powerful and larger centerpiece I would suggest that it have a small skinny base then expand at the top so you can still get the wow factor and your guests cans still speak to one another.

tall centerpiece3

(Photo Credit)

The other I would suggest would be a simple small centerpiece that isn’t necessarily an attention grabber but still makes a statement and ties into the theme of the event.


(Photo Credit)

Don’t forget that your event table is where your guests will spend a majority of their time; make sure that it is something they will enjoy. I will be writing about various examples of centerpieces so be sure to come back and check that out!


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