All Aboard the Steampunk Train!

One issue that comes about when planning events is not to have the same boring theme over and over again. However, coming up with new and fresh theme ideas can become a brain buster. I will be featuring new theme ideas for events in this post and many posts to follow. Today is all about STEAMPUNK!


Steampunk has become increasingly popular as an event theme. However, not everyone really knows what steampunk really is.

{Steampunk: a subgenre of science fiction and fantasy featuring advanced machines and other technology based on steam power of the 19th century and taking place in a recognizable historical period or a fantasy world.}

Using this definition the amazing decorations one could design with this theme are endless! I think of it as when the western era, industrial era and Victorian era all met and collaborated. Gears, leather and other metals are the trend with Steampunk fashion and accessories. The decorations you could create would be able to transport your attendees into another world.

If you are having an event where people will be served dinner or there will be various forms of entertainment having those people dress in steampunk is crucial. Here is one example for the male servers and entertainers. This mask leaves a little mystery and whimsy to the person wearing it. I’ve also included a wonderful example of a female steampunk outfit that would be suitable for the event.


(Photo Credit)


(Photo Credit)

For an exciting twist on the steampunk theme, that I have adapted from Burning Man, would be to have fire spinners and dancers. Again this is my interpretation of this theme and I believe this would be a new and exciting element to add to your event [permitted the venue allows fire.]


(Photo Credit)


(Photo Credit)

Anything that is industrial looking and involves clocks, gears and widgets would be perfect to use as center pieces for any table you may have at the event. The hat below including the books would be a prefect accent to any table. Other decoration options include the candle withing the gear, book pages as table runners and gear embellished seating cards.

047 avery

(Photo Credit)


wedding3  Wedding10

(Photo Credits)

I would like to shine some light on an amazing company Encore Creative that did an amazing job with a steampunk theme they created for one of their clients. My favorite design aspect that they created for this event was a waitress that walked around with a Victorian metal hoop skirt that held glasses of champagne for the guests.


(Photo Credit)

Overall I believe that steampunk is a very tricky theme to pull off, but when it is done in the correct was the results will be nothing short of amazing! If there are any themes that you would like me to write a post about please let me know in the comment section and I will be glad to do so.


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