Lights! Decorations! Themes!

After choosing a venue, now is the time to develop your event theme. This can be a tricky task depending on the type of event you are planning. If your event allows for creative freedom this part of the planning process will be very exciting.

Theme Development

After choosing a venue you will be able to visualize the type of event theme you will be able to create within the space. Examples on different types of themes include destination theme where the space can be transformed into beautiful places such as Milan or Paris. You can also create a fantasy theme that transports you into a dream world of wonder and amazement. BizBash has some amazing ideas for different types of themes. Any way you go with your event theme you will need to utilize the following to make all aspects of your event tie into your theme.


This is how you will make your event theme come to life! You can use fabric draping’s to make the walls more elegant and sophisticated. Also, the use of props is a great way to incorporate the theme.  For example many companies held events that were themed with the winter Olympics. Some props included ice sculptures of the rings with the company’s logo in the middle. For super bowl parties some events had footballs and helmets as center pieces for the tables.


Lighting for the event can drastically change the mood of the room within seconds. Some techniques that have been used would be changing the color of the lights for different portions or the event. The beginning of the event may have a white lighting then shift to blue for dinner and guest speakers. Also, using lights to accent certain parts of the room or specific decorations can make those things stand out more.


There are various different types of entertainment you can provide for your event. Some of the different types of entertainment include silk dancers, bands, guest speakers, circus acts, or even interactive technology. Just remember that the entertainment must correlate with the theme or it will just seem out of place. Also, keep in mind the type of budget you have allotted for your event. If you have a tighter budget decide where you want to spend more money and where you want to be more conservative.


Some may consider table design to be very easy but there are many things to think about when designing tables. The first is how many people you want to have at the tables. Next do you want to have a colored table cloth? I would suggest doing so when you can because when you have a white table cloth anything that has been spilled is easily seen. The third aspect of table design that is important is a centerpiece. Do you want the centerpiece to be small, large, tall or short? Whichever you decide just make sure it works with the theme.

If you make sure to utilize each category I mentioned when carrying your theme throughout your event you should end up with a very cohesive look and feel for your event. I will be expanding on each of the categories above in later posts so make sure to come back and check for those updates.


2 thoughts on “Lights! Decorations! Themes!

  1. So if you are having a Mardi Gras Masquerade Gala and you will be celebrating the last 10 years. What entertainment would you have. The first event had Jim Belushi, we have had circus acts, magicians, artists, dancers, and all sorts of stuff. What would you suggest?

    • I think either aerial silk or hoop artists wearing Mardi Gras themed attire would captivate the attention of the attendees. Also, having a jazz band would hold true to the Mardi Gras theme. For a featured performance if you are looking for another comedian John Garrett has been known to be a good comedian who will do stand up, customized comedy and even customized game shows for your event. Here is a link to where you can search a variety of different performers within any type of budget This site also provides various other categories to search within. I hope this helps you find some good entertainment for your event!

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