Venues – Size, Location, and Appearance

Size, location and appearance are all vital when choosing a venue that is right for your event. All three aspects must correlate with the design and theme of the event to make it a great success!


This aspect is by far the most important when picking a venue. However, it can also be one of the most difficult. As I mentioned in my first blog you need to know how many people you are going to expect to attend. If you do not know the exact number try to guesstimate what you believe it will be. If you do not know how many people will attend, picking a venue will be difficult. A great website to look up venues is through cvent. This site allows you to look up venues almost anywhere in the country. Once you search a city it will give you a list of venues in your area with a brief description which includes: type of venue, northstar rating, number of sleeping and meeting rooms as well as the square footage of the largest room. When clicking on the individual venues it goes into much greater detail on what the space can provide.  There is also a tab that shows details about the individual meeting space as well as max capacity to help you narrow down which venue will suit your event the best.


When choosing a venue location there are a few things to consider. The first would be, is it easy to find? It becomes extremely frustrating for attendees if they get lost while trying to come to the event. Next if the venue is not located within a hotel, are there hotels nearby? If attendees are flying in from out of town they will want to either stay at the same place the event is being held or within a very small distance. This would be important to consider for planning events at convention centers. Along with being close to a hotel, is it close to an airport? If the venue is quickly accessible from the airport that is also a major plus.


If you are able to find a venue where visually it is already stunning you have hit the jackpot! If you are not as lucky do not worry, this aspect is not as important in the overall consideration as size and location. However, do not take that as appearance is not important. If you are able to find a venue with the right size and location but visually it is a mess do not worry that can be fixed! The appearance of the venue can be quickly masked with the help of decorations, lighting and design.  Once the venue is transformed the attendees will never have known that it was not already beautiful when you started.

I hope this helped anyone who was having issues with figuring out how to pick the perfect venue. Please leave a comment with some of your favorite venues you have used for your previous events.


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