Success Factors For Event Planners

Planning an event can become very stressful and overwhelming very fast. However, after planning many events myself I have compiled some helpful hints to combat the stressful and overwhelming feeling that all event planners have gone through.

Get Organized

Getting organized is the most important step in having a successful event. During the beginning moments of the event planning process you will need to sit down and plan out exactly what it is going to take to make the event happen. Set deadlines and make sure to put these deadlines into a calendar to remind yourself. The biggest lie I have ever told myself is that I do not need to write it down because I will remember it. By writing the things you need to do down it will keep things on track.

Assemble a Team and Delegate Tasks

Taking on all the responsibility of an event is the easiest way to become overwhelmed. This is a part I have struggled with because I like to be in control of things. I always want to make sure things are done right, but the stress it has caused me in the past was not worth it. To avoid this stress assemble a team of people you believe in and trust that they can get things done. Be clear in who is responsible for what. If this part is not clear, things will not get done and people will start playing the blame game. Finally make sure to schedule regular meetings for everyone to be brought up to speed on the progress of the event. This is an opportunity for the team members to say what is completed and if they need help with any particular aspect of the event.

Event Prep

When I speak of event prep I am referring to the week leading up to the event and making sure everything is done and ready. This week tends to be one of the most stressful times during the planning process. Having a checklist during this part is extremely useful. If you can take any items you need to the venue before the event I recommend doing so. Waiting till the day of to transport all of the needed materials is how things get left that may be crucial to the events success. Having everything done and transported to the venue two days before the event is ideal. This gives you an entire day to make sure nothing was left behind. Being available to answer any questions the participants may have without having to worry about scrambling anything together is also a factor in reducing stress.

By taking into consideration these few helpful hints you should be able to keep the stress to a manageable level. There is no way to eliminate stress all together because we can’t control everything and everyone. Be sure to have fun and enjoy the planning process because that will make the event that much more successful.


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