What Event Are You Planning?

When I first told my friends and family that I wanted to plan events, most of them replied with, “Oh, so you want to plan weddings?”  I wanted to bring some light to the various types of events one could plan other than weddings.


Banquets can be used for various reasons including celebrations, formal business dinners to society gatherings. These events normally have a wonderful dinner for the attendees and even guest speakers. There is also an opportunity to raise money if the banquet is hosted by a club or organization. Banquets are also a great opportunity for business professionals to network with one another as well as reach out into the community.


Galas are meant to be a little bit more formal than banquets. Often time’s galas have a formal dinner, entertainment, fundraising and maybe even some dancing. They will have a sophisticated design and theme that will be carried out through the entire event form the invitation to dinner and the table designs.

Trade Expos

Trade expos are designed for companies in a specific industry to showcase and demonstrate their new products and services. These events are not open to the public and can only be attended by company representatives and members of the press. Having a well-designed booth is key in attracting other attendees to wander over for the company to have a chance to pitch why their product or service is better than the other companies in the room. These expos take a great deal of planning to have everything needed and arrange by the time the expo occurs. Many companies start planning details a year prior to the event.

Corporate Retreats

These retreats can be held in a variety of locations and venues. Some companies have been known to fly their employees to a wonderful getaway as a reward for their hard work throughout the year. Team building is also very important at these events. Designing activities that will push the teams to think in new and innovative ways helps the participants bond and work together as one. Companies can add some extra incentive by awarding the winning teams with a prize.

These are just few of examples of other events that take great planning and organization just like weddings do. Please leave comments on other types of events that you may be planning or have questions about.


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