So You Are Planning An Event

Planning an event can be very stressful and time consuming, especially if you’ve never planned one before. I am writing a crash course in event planning 101 in order to get your mind thinking about the various aspects that one will need to think about before beginning the event planning process.

What type of event are you planning?

Are you responsible for planning a banquet, career fair, networking event, a corporate event, charity fundraiser, wedding or even something simple as a birthday party? This will direct the flow and design that the event will have.

How many people are attending?

This will be crucial in deciding what venue you will use for your event. Will there be a limit on how many can attend? Will there be a cost to attend? Depending on how small or large this number is will also affect how far out you will need to reserve your venue.

Who will be attending?

This may sound similar to the how many people question but the answers are very different. This question will determine how you invite your attendees. Will they be business people, students, companies or friends and family?

Will there be food?

If you want your event to have food is very important to the planning process. Will you be providing dinner? Will there be just appetizers? Do you want to serve alcohol at your event? This question will help you decide what amount of money you want to dedicate to providing food for your guests.

Do you want to hire someone to plan the event for you?

After considering all the things mentioned above this would be one of the final questions. After weighing in what it may take to plan your event would it be better left to a professional event planning company. The answer for some of you would definitely be yes, but to others who may be planning a small event or are part of an organized group that can assemble a committee will be able to plan the event themselves.

I will continue to expand on all the aspects of the event planning process I have mentioned above. I will also go into detail on other aspects to planning specific types of events. Just remember try not to become overwhelmed during the planning process because seeing your event happen is such an amazing feeling.


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